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Krishna Valley Temple (KVT) opened its door on November 29 and 30 ,2008. Under the guidance of Swami Satya Prakasha Nand Ji Sarswati from Kankhal, Haridwar, this Pran Pratishta was performed by Pandit Prakash Achyra and Pandit Balmiki Sharma. About 500 devotees from all over southern California attended this function. Lord Krishna and Radha ji , Ram Parivar with Hanuman ji were installed.

KVT is the only temple in the Inland Empire built from ground up. In 2004 Megha Nayyar and other attendees of the Gita School had the vision of building this temple. Megha took the lead role in the project and pledged to build a temple in Apple Valley prior to her graduation from High School. She was 14 years of age at that time. In February 2008 this project was presented to the Apple Valley Planning Committee and its approval was rejected. In February and March there was public out cry in support of Megha's project. Finally the city of Apple Valley approved the construction of the temple. Megha is attending BA/MD program at USC. AT the grand opening she and other young devote Rishi Nanda sang Bhajan and Megha told her peers to have faith in Lord Krishna.

Swami ji, congratulated the Hindu Community and blessed the founding members Drs. Manmohan Nayyar, Vir Nanda, Raman Poola, Rajeev Yelminchilli, and Rakesh Grover for their commitment and dedication to their community. He said that the new generation of young Hindus, the future of our way of life, will have Darshan here and be blessed with price in our way of life, our eternal Hindu religion and our unparallel Hindu Culture.

Badri Naryan Das, from ISKCON temple in San Diego was keynote speaker. Tim Jasper, Mayor Apple Valley, presented the proclamation on behalf of the twon of Apple Valley Mt. Terry E.Caldwell, Assemblyman Anthony Adams and State Senator George Runner sent their proclamations as well.

Manmohan Nayyar, MD, Chair person of KVT said KVT will play a valuable role in ethos of the Hindu community. Nirmala Murthy, MD, President of KVT said objective of KVT to promote religious understanding based on peace, love, truth and harmony, to promote friendship and good will among all people. Prasad was served after the opening of the temple.