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The High Desert Gita School was founded in 1996 and this became the seed to build the Krishna Valley Temple in Apple Valley. KVT is the only temple in the Inland Empire built from the ground up and it all started in 2004 when Megha Nayyar and other attendees of the Gita School had the vision of building this temple. Swami Satya Prakasha Nand Saraswati ji worked closely with the board of trustees, architect and builder so that KVT could truly reflect a traditional Hindu Temple. Manmohan Nayyar, MD, Founding Chairperson of Board of Trustees of KVT said the KVT will play a valuable role in ethos of the Hindu community. Future plans include a multicultural center to be built on the 2.4-acre property. The center will be open to the public and people of all religious affiliations. Nirmala Murthy, MD, First President of KVT said the objective of KVT is to promote religious understanding based on peace, love, truth and harmony, to promote friendship and good will among all people.

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